Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just a few random pictures from the last few weekends.   

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Elner 5K and start of the House Building Project

This morning Tom and Carter ran the annual Luke Elsner 5K, a Memorial in memory of Luke Elsner, our friends son.  Before anyone asks, Carter did not run the entire 5K, he only ran the last 0.1 miles.  Tom was the first one across the line with a stroller and posted a 9 minute mile pushing a stroller which I thought was pretty impressive. 

 Tom and Carter on the home stretch
 Crossing the finish line
 Carter and Lincoln (these two are going to be trouble together in the future!)

The rest of our stroller gang.  This is where I would have been!
After the 5K we decided to head out to the property as we knew the house project kicked off this week.  We were extremely surprised at how much progress had been made in one week! Enjoy the pictures!

 The view from our soon to be screened in porch! Next summer the pond will have a fountain and hopefully be treated, to prevent this green scrum.
Corner of our massive garage.  Lots of fill will be going in this area! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

House building to be begin

Well have a long... very long wait on lots of things, they are finally starting on the house!  The lot has been cleared.  Pics to come and now all of the hard work starts. It is going to be a crazy... and I mean crazy couple of months but, were as prepared as we are going to be. I say that now, someone give me a sanity check in a few months and we'll see how positive I am then.

The kids continue to keep us busy but I love that they are starting to play together. It is sooo adorable. Tonight they were laughing and playing for about 10 minutes without anyone crying.  I consider that a success because it usually only lasts about 5 minutes... on a good day. 

London is starting to talk and love Nixon, in fact she loves all dogs.  She calls any furry animal a puppy.   Another thing she loves in the water. I think Carter loved it at this age as well but I don't remember him liking it quite as much.  She doesn't get much opportunity to talk at the moment because Carter can't stop talking ever.  She is very girly already... help us now. She loves shoes, every one's shoes.  She is constantly trying to wear whoever shoes are accessible.  The other thing she loves is bracelets and necklaces.  She wants everyone to see them when she has them on and it is precious.

Carter is 4.  I can't believe that time has gone by so fast.  He is still a handful and challenges / negotiates every point.  He is also a delegator, which is hilarious.  We are never really sure what is going to come out of mouth.  Which can be good and bad.  His newest thing he is doing is trying to lie to us.  But it is an obviously lie, he says it with a huge smile on his face.  The bad habit we are trying to break at the moment is interrupting us. It is a hourly battle with him.  He is however very polite and can be so helpful.

Here are a few pictures, to hold everyone over.  More to come as the house starts to progress.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Time is flying by

So again it has been a long time since we last posted.  Today was a traumatic day in our household.  Carter has dental surgery to pull an abscessed tooth and cap 5 others with cavities.  He was a handful till about an hour an ago.  Thankful today is over, and tonight we can end on a positive note with the tooth fairy visiting. 

Since our last post a few things have happened.  Many of which I don't have pictures for but here it the list I can think of.

1. Bought a new minivan.  Yes that is right we now own two of them. :-)
2. My brother-in-law and wife welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world.
3. My sister married her best friend.  Welcome to the family Jimmy!
4. Tom turned 32.... but he probably doesn't want me to bring that up again.  Hun if it makes you feel any better I think you get better with age!
5. I turned 31, but it doesn't feel any different than 21.. well maybe a little.
6. We signed with a contractor and are hoping to start building our dream home in July.  The home designer is none other than my multi talented husband.  It truly amazes me how smart he is, seriously. I hope our kids get his brain!
6. AND We are pregnant and expecting our 3rd baby the middle of December.

So it has been a very busy couple of months but we are very happy and feeling very blessed by all of the wonderful things in our lives. And here are some pictures from the last few months! Need to get some up of my beautiful sister on the big day. She looked amazing!

... Probably need to post some of Carter tearing up the dance floor at the wedding too.  He was so adorable... and kind of a wild dancer!

 Carter is more talented on his scooter at this age then I am even now.  His balance amazes me.

 She loves bubbles... and likes to eat them too!

 Carter has discovered bugs and small reptiles... see below. :-)