Monday, July 1, 2013

Time is flying by

So again it has been a long time since we last posted.  Today was a traumatic day in our household.  Carter has dental surgery to pull an abscessed tooth and cap 5 others with cavities.  He was a handful till about an hour an ago.  Thankful today is over, and tonight we can end on a positive note with the tooth fairy visiting. 

Since our last post a few things have happened.  Many of which I don't have pictures for but here it the list I can think of.

1. Bought a new minivan.  Yes that is right we now own two of them. :-)
2. My brother-in-law and wife welcomed a beautiful baby boy into this world.
3. My sister married her best friend.  Welcome to the family Jimmy!
4. Tom turned 32.... but he probably doesn't want me to bring that up again.  Hun if it makes you feel any better I think you get better with age!
5. I turned 31, but it doesn't feel any different than 21.. well maybe a little.
6. We signed with a contractor and are hoping to start building our dream home in July.  The home designer is none other than my multi talented husband.  It truly amazes me how smart he is, seriously. I hope our kids get his brain!
6. AND We are pregnant and expecting our 3rd baby the middle of December.

So it has been a very busy couple of months but we are very happy and feeling very blessed by all of the wonderful things in our lives. And here are some pictures from the last few months! Need to get some up of my beautiful sister on the big day. She looked amazing!

... Probably need to post some of Carter tearing up the dance floor at the wedding too.  He was so adorable... and kind of a wild dancer!

 Carter is more talented on his scooter at this age then I am even now.  His balance amazes me.

 She loves bubbles... and likes to eat them too!

 Carter has discovered bugs and small reptiles... see below. :-)