Monday, August 19, 2013

House building to be begin

Well have a long... very long wait on lots of things, they are finally starting on the house!  The lot has been cleared.  Pics to come and now all of the hard work starts. It is going to be a crazy... and I mean crazy couple of months but, were as prepared as we are going to be. I say that now, someone give me a sanity check in a few months and we'll see how positive I am then.

The kids continue to keep us busy but I love that they are starting to play together. It is sooo adorable. Tonight they were laughing and playing for about 10 minutes without anyone crying.  I consider that a success because it usually only lasts about 5 minutes... on a good day. 

London is starting to talk and love Nixon, in fact she loves all dogs.  She calls any furry animal a puppy.   Another thing she loves in the water. I think Carter loved it at this age as well but I don't remember him liking it quite as much.  She doesn't get much opportunity to talk at the moment because Carter can't stop talking ever.  She is very girly already... help us now. She loves shoes, every one's shoes.  She is constantly trying to wear whoever shoes are accessible.  The other thing she loves is bracelets and necklaces.  She wants everyone to see them when she has them on and it is precious.

Carter is 4.  I can't believe that time has gone by so fast.  He is still a handful and challenges / negotiates every point.  He is also a delegator, which is hilarious.  We are never really sure what is going to come out of mouth.  Which can be good and bad.  His newest thing he is doing is trying to lie to us.  But it is an obviously lie, he says it with a huge smile on his face.  The bad habit we are trying to break at the moment is interrupting us. It is a hourly battle with him.  He is however very polite and can be so helpful.

Here are a few pictures, to hold everyone over.  More to come as the house starts to progress.