Saturday, August 31, 2013

Elner 5K and start of the House Building Project

This morning Tom and Carter ran the annual Luke Elsner 5K, a Memorial in memory of Luke Elsner, our friends son.  Before anyone asks, Carter did not run the entire 5K, he only ran the last 0.1 miles.  Tom was the first one across the line with a stroller and posted a 9 minute mile pushing a stroller which I thought was pretty impressive. 

 Tom and Carter on the home stretch
 Crossing the finish line
 Carter and Lincoln (these two are going to be trouble together in the future!)

The rest of our stroller gang.  This is where I would have been!
After the 5K we decided to head out to the property as we knew the house project kicked off this week.  We were extremely surprised at how much progress had been made in one week! Enjoy the pictures!

 The view from our soon to be screened in porch! Next summer the pond will have a fountain and hopefully be treated, to prevent this green scrum.
Corner of our massive garage.  Lots of fill will be going in this area!